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[Dahan studies every week] Stay away from 'spiritual beggar

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I.Once the company appears this kind of employee or manager will be dismissed.The eight deadly sins for the dismissed employee:

1.If the leader doesn't communicate with me, I won't communicate with the leader.

2.If the leader doesn't approve of me, I won't do well.

3.If the leader doesn't encourage me, I won't do well.

4.I am not happy because the leadership will not comfort me.

5.If you can't get the job done, deal with it with a bunch of objective reasons.

6.If you do something wrong, I hope you don't treat (major issues) lightly.

7.Do not understand the technology, complain that the company does not train.

8.Not motivated, but also complain about the company atmosphere is not good.

II.Meaning of spiritual beggar

A beggar is a mental state(refers to habitual be passive,and a state of personality characterized by habitual acquisitiveness).

III.For employees, there are beggars and non-beggars:


1. Passive. When he/she encounter difficulties, you will naturally fall into a passive state.

2. Little effort, or with minimum effort to seek certain benefits.

3. Irresponsible.

4. When he/she gets something, he/she feels at ease and even habitually thought you gave me less.


1. Positive.

2. Regularly getting in return through the effort.

3.Responsible, able to take risks and responsibilities to win respect and rewards through taking responsibilities.

4.No pains, no gains, and when he/she get something, and he/she get what he/she deserve, there is a strange sense of debt, at least not feels at ease.

(Einstein once said,I looked around to see what I had, and I didn't know how they were made, and I wasn't sure if I deserved them. I always felt that I had more to gain than I had to give, and since there was always such an uneasiness in my heart, I had to redouble my efforts to dispel it.This is a kind of typical non-beggar employees)

IV.The classification of people by Mr Gerstner,the former CEO of IBM

1.Take positive actions to make things happen (taking the initiative to do things first is not an important way to change current situation, but the only way).

2.A person who passively accepts what happened.

3.A person who puts things in a bystander's mind.

4.Someone who doesn't care about anything. (salary only)


-Excerpts from Bofan time.

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