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Rotary screen

Rotary screen

Feeding granularity: 2-60mm.

Handling capacity: 18-230T/h.

Weight:Different models,  different prices.

Application field:Metallurgy, building materials, chemical industry, grain, medicine, and abrasive.

Applicable material:Rubber particles, the heavy alkali, urea, ceramsite, zirconium oxide, titanium reduced iron powder, feed, food, food additives, sugar industry, chemical industry, plastic,etc.


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Product overview 

The main structure of the rotary sieve of YTS rotary cylinder screen is the screening cylinder, which is composed of several circular sieve networks.The whole is inclined to the ground plane, and the outside is sealed by a sealed isolation cover. The cylinder rotary sieve can be provided with a comb type screening mechanism, which can be used to clean the sieve body through the relative movement of the screening mechanism and the sieve cylinder during the screening process, so as to keep the screening cylinder clean, not sticky, not sticking, not affecting the screening effect during the whole working process.

Product features

1. Rolling conveying principle is adopted, with small friction coefficient, light wear and easy clogging of sieve holes.

2. YTS series rotary cylinder sieve adopts an effective fully sealed structure, free from dust and pollution.

3.The roller support adopts the overall structure of the shaft, running smoothly, no vibration, low noise.

4.The internal drum sieve mesh accessories adopt split design, simple structure, quick and convenient replacement and maintenance.

5.Safe and reliable operation, the use of deceleration transmission, transmission efficiency, with small power, low energy consumption, energy-saving effect is obvious.

6. Different sieve mesh material can be used as required by the customer, and the size of the sieve hole can be high, the sieve efficiency is high, the service life is long, and the maintenance cost is low.

Working principle of YTS series rotary cylinder sieve:

Rotary screen
Rotary screen
Rotary screen

Working principle

YTS  rotary  cylinder screen according to different classification requirements , its hierarchical levels generally from fine to coarse 1-4 knots, and the materials from fine to the last one,greater than the last hole of a sieve material  discharged from the discharge port. Screening drum rotates at a certain speed through variable speed deceleration system,the material is separated from top to bottom by sieving drum, fine material is discharged from the front end of the lower part of the sieve drum, and coarse material is discharged from the tail of the lower part of the sieve drum.

Applied Material

Rotary screen

Main technical parameters


Model Cylinder specification Cylinder inclination Cylinder speed
Mesh size
Maximum feeding granularity
Output(m3/h) Power
Mesh(2mm) Mesh(30mm)
YTS1030 Φ1×3 5-7° 22.5 2-30 60 10 60 4
YTS1040 Φ1×4 5-7° 25 2-30 60 11 80 4
YTS1230 Φ1.2×3 5-7° 20 2-30 70 12 100 5.5
YTS1240 Φ1.2×4 5-7° 20 2-30 70 14 120 5.5
YTS1250 Φ1.2×5 5-7° 20 2-30 70 15 140 5.5
YTS1530 Φ1.5×3 5-7° 17 2-30 80 18 150 5.5
YTS1540 Φ1.5×4 5-7° 17 2-30 80 18 150 7.5
YTS1550 Φ1.5×5 5-7° 17 2-30 80 20 180 11
YTS1560 Φ1.5×6 5-7° 17 2-30 80 22 200 11
YTS2040 Φ2×4 5-7° 12 5-60 90 25 250 15
YTS2050 Φ2×5 5-7° 12 5-60 90 30 300 15
YTS2060 Φ2×6 5-7° 12 5-60 90 35 350 18.5
Model Cylinder specification Maximum feeding granularity
Mesh(2mm) Mesh(30mm)
YTS1030 Φ1×3 60 10 60
YTS1040 Φ1×4 60 11 80
YTS1230 Φ1.2×3 70 12 100
YTS1240 Φ1.2×4 70 14 120
YTS1250 Φ1.2×5 70 15 140
YTS1530 Φ1.5×3 80 18 150
YTS1540 Φ1.5×4 80 18 150
YTS1550 Φ1.5×5 80 20 180
YTS1560 Φ1.5×6 80 22 200
YTS2040 Φ2×4 90 25 250
YTS2050 Φ2×5 90 30 300
YTS2060 Φ2×6 90 35 350
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