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Top Hammer Type Standard Vibrating Screen Machine

Top Hammer Type Standard Vibrating Screen Machine

Feeding granularity: 0-0.038

Handling capacity:  

Weight: 5000

Application field: Necessary equipment for biochemical laboratories, analysis rooms , educational and scientific research.

Applicable material: Coal, abrasive, food, feed, medicine


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Product overview :

The top screen is also called the top hammer type standard vibrating screen machine. The matching test sieve size of jacking vibrating screen machine is 200 mm. Comply with building materials, geology, transportation, chemical industry and other related test specifications and requirements. Using the principle of eccentricity, regular vibration and jamming occur on the platform of the machine. The main matching standard screening is used instead of manual screening to screen the material grade. It has the advantages of time standard, intensity and frequency uniformity to achieve good screening effect. It is suitable for the laboratories or laboratories of construction, highway, geology, metallurgy, chemical industry, coal, abrasive, food, feed, medicine and other departments to screen and analyze particulate matter. The machine can be matched with various specifications of square hole, garden hole standard set screen. It is the necessary equipment for biochemical laboratory, analysis room, education scientific research.

Structural principle and material :

1. Rotary mechanism: The motor and pinion mounted on the upper box drive the double gears and gears to rotate. The main eccentric shaft rotates at the same time, which causes the eccentric shaft of the swing disk pair to rotate with a radius of 12.5. The sieve tray and the sieve can be synchronously rotated by the support rod.

2. Top-stroke mechanism: While the rotary mechanism of the machine is moving, the key installed on the cover of the swing disc drives the upper camshaft to rotate; because of the speed difference between the upper camshaft and the lower camshaft, the top of the upper camshaft is effectively made to move up and down 147 times per minute, such as the top-stroke of the sieve tray.

3. Clamping mechanism: when the sieve is installed on the machine, rotate the knob clockwise, and the cone nut moves up along the axis. Meanwhile, the long and short support rods extend outward, so as to support the guide rod, and insert the plate rod (accessories) into the knob hole, and tighten, so as to achieve the goal of reliable fixing the screen cover; the reverse rotation knob can be loosened.

4. Shape material: cast iron base, spray green paint, cast iron countertop, fixed steel rod.

5. Power components: motor with capacitance.

6. Vibration and jacking components: eccentric wheel, spring, pendulum shaft, upper and lower camshafts.

Top Hammer Type Standard Vibrating Screen Machine
Top Hammer Type Standard Vibrating Screen Machine
Top Hammer Type Standard Vibrating Screen Machine


1. In the placement of the sample screen, should be in accordance with the size of the screen hole sequence stacked, while adding a sieve chassis.

2. Put the materials to be analyzed into the upper layer of the inner screen cover, and then put them into the vibrating screen base.

3. Counterclockwise rotate the handle on the sieve tray, and the internal jacking rod shaft clamps the support sleeve to tighten the whole set of sample sieve.

4. The vibration screen machine timer knob to the screen required time, open the power switch, the vibration screen machine will start to screen rotary work.

5. There is no up and down shock during the first work. Please change the power cord head because the motor is inverted.

6. Turn off the power after work.

Installation and maintenance:

1.In order to stabilize the vibrating screen machine, it is necessary to tighten it with four anchor screws.

2. In order to protect the inner parts of the machine from damage, take out the oil ruler on the panel of the box body and add 3 kg of oil before using the money.

3. After each screening use, should wipe off the residual dust on the body of the screen tray, do not wash knock, placement order can not be reversed.

4. The motor and chassis are cleaned once a year and the timer is refueled once every two years to ensure the service life of several parts. Dust cover is added when not in use.

Applied Material

Top Hammer Type Standard Vibrating Screen Machine

Main technical parameters:

Serial number Name Unit Numerical
1 Sieve diameter cm 20
2 Matchable sieve layers number Layer 7
3 Sieve aperture mm 0-0.038
4 Shake times Time|Minute 221
5 Hit times Time|Minute 147
6 Turning radius mm 12.5
7 Top striking distance mm 10mm
8 Motor power kw 0.38
9 Power voltage v 380
10 Motor speed Turn|Minute 2800
11 Machine weight Thousand Jin 120
12 Outline dimension mm 586*370*952


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