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Direct Discharge Sifter

Direct Discharge Sifter

Feeding granularity: <10mm

Handling capacity: 1-10T

Weight:Different models, different materials, different prices.

Application field:Screening and grading of all kinds of dust and granular materials.

Applicable material:Coarse screening of particles and powders from flour, starch, washing powder, metal powder, additive, chemical industry, non-mining and other industries.


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Product overview

Direct discharge sifter also known as direct discharge type vibrating screen. Vibration source is pided into single motor and double motor two structure forms, suitable for fast, large output of fine granular material classification and removal of impurity, its biggest advantage: the material in the screen machine for a short time,rapid discharge,screening output is large.It is used in flour,starch,washing powder,metal powder,additives,chemical,non-mining and other industries,in order to coarse and precise screening of granular powder.It has a lot of handling capacity and easy to integrate with production line.You can choose between 600MM and1800MM.

Product features

1. Large output.

The design of large output inlet and outlet is in the same vertical direction, and the finished products under the screen can pass through the net quickly, so as to reduce the retention time of materials on the screen surface and greatly increase the screening output. Can be used in single or multiple layers,and multistage screening can be carried out at one time。

2. Small occupied space.

Motor is designed on the outside of the equipment to reduce the height of the equipment and make effective use of the space.The equipment is easy to operate and combine with the production line.

3. Clean and hygienic.

Good sealing, No leakage of liquid and no flying dust. Internal and external easy to clean and no hygiene corner,compliance with food grade GMP specification.

Direct Discharge Sifter
Direct Discharge Sifter
Direct Discharge Sifter

Working principle

Direct discharge sifter is uses the vibrating motor as the excitation source ,after material enters the system, the material rotates in three dimensions on the screen surface under the force of vibration source, and flour and lumps are well dispersed. So that the material quickly through the frame into the lower storehouse. The impurities and foreign matters are separated and discharged to the slag outlet, which acts as the "quality assurance personnel" of the production line. The vibration motor uses two sets of eccentric blocks at the upper and lower ends of the motor to turn the rotational motion of the motor into the overlap of horizontal, vertical, inclined and centrifugal functions,and then transfers this force to the screen surface,so as to achieve the aim of screening. By changing the phase angle and weight of the upper and lower eccentricity blocks, the magnitude of the excitation force and the motion trajectory of the material also can be changed.

Applied Material

Direct Discharge Sifter

Main technical parameters

Model Power Screen diameter mm Effective area ㎡ Volume mm
ZPS-600 0.18 520 0.2124 740*600*560
ZPS-800 0.25 720 0.4072 1010*800*600
ZPS-1000 0.37 890 0.6221 1200*970*640
ZPS-1200 0.55 1090 0.9331 1430*1170*700
ZPS-1500 0.75 1390 1.5175 1780*1470*760
Model Power Screen diameter mm Effective area ㎡
ZPS-600 0.18 520 0.2124
ZPS-800 0.25 720 0.4072
ZPS-1000 0.37 890 0.6221
ZPS-1200 0.55 1090 0.9331
ZPS-1500 0.75 1390 1.5175


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