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Tobacco Processing by Rotary Vibro Sifter

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Tobacco not only accompanies us as a harmful cigarette for more than 100 years, but also has great medicinal value.

Rotary vibro sifter plays a very important role in the tobacco processing pipeline. It is the only way from material to finished product, and it is also very important for tobacco packaging. Because of the large output and fast speed of tobacco processing, the design of rotary vibro sifter directly affects the fluidity of the whole processing line.

Before cutting tobacco leaves, they need to go through the rotary vibro sifter. The main purpose is to remove impurities and ensure the mellow taste of tobacco leaves. Tobacco can be sold without rolling after blending, fermentation and storage of excipients, but cigarettes after rolling are more common on the market.

Conditions for normal operation:

Elevation: not higher than 2000 m

Environmental temperature: 10 ~40 C

Relative humidity: 70%-80%

Power supply: 3N-50Hz/TN-S, 380V (+38V), 50Hz (+1Hz)

What you need to pay attention to when operating a tobacco screener:

1. Before starting the machine, it is necessary to remove the transport screw and wood, and inspect the vibration motor, coupling and other components.

2. Regular inspection of the joints and fasteners of tobacco vibrating screen, the main parts of which will be loosened due to long-term work, need to be found and solved in time;

3. Ensure that the tobacco vibration motor runs clockwise;

4. Material transported into tobacco shaker should be uniform to ensure the screening quality.

5. The inlet and outlet ports are equipped with hoses or canvas sleeves to avoid dust diffusion and leakage.

6. During the working process of the tobacco screening machine, pay attention to observation. If there is abnormal sound, the machine should be stopped immediately for inspection, and then start production after eliminating the problem.

7. Don't stop the operation of the equipment immediately after feeding. Keep running for several minutes so that all the materials leak out, so as to avoid the residual materials affecting the screening effect.

8. Clean the equipment of tobacco screening machine after the screening work is finished.

Whether the manufacturer sells directly or by middleman will also affect the price of the equipment. There are not too many intermediate links. Therefore, the price of the equipment is very reasonable, and the quality of the equipment directly sold by the manufacturer is guaranteed. Therefore, the equipment directly sold by the manufacturer is superior in both quality and price.

Our other advantages:

Screening efficiency is not less than 95%.

Over 21h load operation and normal operation

Noise no more than 69 decibels

Excellent automatic cleaning device, save your time and cost

After more than 20 years of precipitation, Dahan has already entered the ranks of powerful manufacturers. We have perfect production equipment, advanced production technology, high quality after-sales service, and the quality of the equipment produced is guaranteed, which can create greater value for users.

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