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Causes and Solutions of Spring Damage of Linear Vibrating Screen

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The spring parts made of elastic materials are deformed under the action of external force, which is removed and restored to its original state. The spring of linear vibrating screen is fragile and easy to be damaged. So how do we find the problem and solve it?

Frequent start-stop vibration screening machine

Vibrating screen spring relies on its elastic deformation to play a role in reducing vibration, and the vibration screen force is not stable when the vibration screen stops and just starts. It needs a certain starting and stopping time, during which the vibration screen force also changes greatly. If the screening machine is stopped repeatedly in the process of screening and classification, it will inevitably cause the spring to withstand the high-strength vibration and screening force repeatedly in a short time. The frequent heavy-duty lifting and shutting-down machine for a long time is one of the main reasons leading to the breakage of the spring.

Solution: Avoid frequent start-stop screen in a short time.

Reasons for product quality

Everyone knows that different types of vibration screening machines use different types of shock absorber springs, and different types of equipment use different exciting forces, which requires different weight-bearing shock absorber springs to support and connect. Once the spring selection is unreasonable or the quality problem is often broken, which will affect the normal production and the service life of the linear screen.

Solution: The spring of the unified sieve machine should come from the same manufacturer and the same type to avoid uneven free length.

Non-uniform force acting on four corners of shock absorber spring

The shock absorber spring system is the installation foundation of stainless steel vibrating screen, and the free length after its establishment determines the level of the foundation of the screen. The shock absorber springs are evenly distributed in the four corners of the screen frame. If the forces between the springs are not uniform, the free length of the spring after "standing" will be inconsistent. At this time, the free length of one spring after "standing" in the same group of springs is larger than that of other springs. Because the total deformation of the spring in the same group is the same, the shear stress of the spring will follow. Maximum, the maximum damage probability of the spring in the working process.

There are many reasons leading to the uneven force on the spring of vibration screen. The uneven feeding during the screening process and the thick accumulation of material on one side are the common reasons for zui. In addition, the same type of vibration absorber spring of the same manufacturer can not be selected in the later replacement, which leads to the inconsistency of elastic coefficients between the old and the new spring of vibration screen. The main reason for uneven force on the four corners of the shock absorber spring is the incorrect installation position, which also causes uneven vibration frequency of the four corners of the vibration screen spring.

Solution: Uniform feeding to avoid long overload on one side of the vibration screen.

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