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【Dahan studies every week】Haier's OEC Management Mode

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Haier's OEC management mode(We should work today, not wait until tomorrow.)

How to do the five strategies of OEC management law:

1. Employees must have clear work goals and development goals and must be clear about their work goals.

2. In the company, every employee must insist on writing a work log. (OKR Daily is the meaning of the key target result).

3. Cultivate good professional habits of personality.

4. There will be morning or evening meetings. (Check staff's work shortcomings).

5. Be persistent for a long time.

【Dahan Employees' Learning and Sharing】

Xiao Shen:

Every day's work begins with writing a log and making the next day's work plan. It has been completed and not completed. It needs coordination. It really helps my work.

This way, you don't worry about forgetting, and doing one thing at a time. The main purpose of writing a log is to remind oneself. I hope I can get something every day. Come on.


Success and achievements are not achieved overnight. Only when an enterprise and a person manage their work goals and work rhythm well, can they develop better step by step.

Know your dreams and goals, stick to reporting results and plans every day, and learn self-discipline to grasp your own rhythm.  Only by setting high and challenging work goals, can we make faster progress and achieve the desired results. Persist in learning and self-management! Just do it,Insist on it !

Xiao Li:

It's very good and useful. For many years, I never put off till tomorrow what can be done today. It has something to do with the style of work. Not everyone can do it. It needs patience and perseverance to support it. Come on,be the best you can be!

Xiao Shen:

Keep writing daily, you can check and fill in the gaps in your daily work, summarize your experience of the day and record it in time, and slowly adapt to the rhythm. It seems that it has become a part of life. Stick to this habit, after many years, I will definitely feel great, stick to it, come on, come on, come on Zhao Xiaozhao! 


We should work today, not wait until tomorrow. A few simple words: Can I do it?

”We should work today, not wait until tomorrow”  requires me not only to finish today's work, but also to make progress tomorrow than today! This is a huge challenge and an urgent problem to be solved. After every day's tedious work, let me want to be lazy, this is the reason why there is no "day high", but also an excuse. I should change this situation, after all, the responsibility is greater! Change begins with setting clear goals, whether department or inpidual, to break through one hill after another. I believe that in this way, we can make progress in addition to harvest!!!

Xiao Wang:

Write a work diary to record everything I do every day, no matter how big or small it is. I can see all the work I do every day when I look through it later. A full working life is the best reward for my growth. Also look at the manager's work log, you can learn the manager's attitude to work, the solution to problems, benefit a lot.

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