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Six Core Values of Dahan Company

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Preface: The Significance of Core Values

The purpose of sorting out and summarizing Dahan Company's core values and requiring everyone to understand, learn and abide by them is to unify ideas, to rally consensus, to mobilize people's subjective potential and positive factors, to avoid the evil and inertia of human nature, to make different inpiduals move in the same direction and to form a team's comprehensive competitiveness. It is for the stable and healthy development of Dahan Company as a platform. It is also for the growth of everyone on the platform of Dahan Company.

一、Customer First

Satisfying customers' needs is the foundation of Dahan's survival.

1. Respect others and maintain the image of Dahan Company anytime and anywhere.

2. Be patient with customers who are not easy to communicate and take the initiative to solve problems for customers.

3. Be patient before sales, be careful during sales, and be enthusiastic after sales. Don't avoid your own problems and have a strong sense of service.

4. Consider the problem from the customer's standpoint, adhere to the principle, and ultimately achieve customer and company satisfaction.


Believe in the strength of the team, there is no perfect inpidual, only the perfect team.

1. Have a sense of ownership, willing to cooperate with the team to complete the work, positively affect the team.

2.Actively express opinions before decision-making, fully participate in discussions, and after decision-making, whether or not inpiduals have objections, they must be fully supported in words and deeds.

3. Actively share business knowledge and experience; actively give necessary help to colleagues; be good at using team strength to solve problems and difficulties.

4. Good at cooperating with different types of colleagues, not bringing personal preferences into the work,fully embodies the principle of "concern oneself with facts/truth and not with a particular person—business is business".

三、Unceasingly consummates and the enhancement

Perfecting oneself, team and company.

1. Adapt to the company's daily management and changes without complaining.

2. Have the courage and perseverance to challenge the work target and performance。

3. For the difficulties and setbacks in the work, self-adjustment, and positive impact and driving colleagues.

4. We should be proactive in our work, establish new methods and new ideas.


Honesty and integrity, frank words and deeds.

1. Express your own views through the right channels and processes; express your critical opinions while putting forward corresponding suggestions; Speak frankly and taboo.

2. Do not discuss the company's decisions and colleagues behind their backs, can positively guide negative communication between colleagues topics, content.

3. Be brave to admit mistakes, take responsibility and correct them in time.

4. Can correctly and effectively stop the behaviors that harm the interests of the company.


Be optimistic, never give up.

1. Love your job, identify with Dahan's culture and values.

2. Character is tough and considerate of the overall situation.

3. Face daily work with a positive and optimistic attitude, never give up when facing difficulties and setbacks, and strive to improve performance.

4. Continuous self-motivation, constantly set higher goals, today's best performance is tomorrow's minimum requirements.


Professional persistence and constantly perfecting.

1. We should work today, not wait until tomorrow.Work hours are only about work.

2. Follow the necessary workflow, refuse to be sloppy, refuse to repeat mistakes.

3. Ability to prioritize work according to priorities and to plan time and tasks.

4. Savings, frugality, heartache and action for unnecessary loss of the company.

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